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Take action right now: Go to the control panel settings of your computer and put it into energy-saving mode. Turn out any unneeded lights, or lower lights to a more pleasing level with a dimmer. Use curtains, shades and other passive solar methods to adjust the light where you are - you may not need artificial light at all.

Too "plugged in" at home and the office

The economic boom in America 's consumer-oriented society, the growth of new technologies, the rise of the internet and the changing workforce have dramatically increased the number of products that require power in the home and office. Computer equipment is the fastest growing electric load in the world. Unfortunately, much of the energy for computers is wasted because they are often kept on while not in use. In fact, most idle appliances TVs, VCRs, cable boxes, CD players, cassette decks, cordless phones, burglar alarms, microwaves continue to consume energy when switched off. This energy keeps display clocks lit and memory chips and remote controls working. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory calculates that these energy "leaks" account for 5% of total domestic energy consumption, cost more than $3 billion annually, and spew 18 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Idle TVs and VCRs alone cost U.S. consumers more than $1 billion a year, or some $30 per household. Emissions from power plants supplying that electricity are equal to the pollution caused by 2 million cars! New technology in TVs and VCRs bearing the Energy Star label will reduce wasted energy by up to 75%.

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Low-cost options

Source: EPA Energy Star @ Small Business Guide ENERGY STAR Small Business is an EPA program designed by and for small businesses and their advocates to help companies save money through energy efficiency.

Every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity you avoid using saves more than 1-1/2 pounds of CO 2 from being pumped into the atmosphere. If over the next 15 years, Americans bought only Energy Star products, we would shrink our energy bills by more than $100 billion and eliminate as much greenhouse gas pollution as is produced by 17 million cars for each of those 15 years!