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Some other ways to make a difference

Support sustainable agriculture Organic/Sustainable/Small Scale farms are not as dependent on fossil fuel consumption. Your food will be healthier and taste better!

  • Try to buy organic produce and foods: Or buy directly from organic food growers and suppliers, farmers markets and small scale producers. Check out websites such as the OrganicHub, which provides an easy way to link to organic products, producers, wholesalers, retailers, and organizations in your area.
  • Look into Community Supported Agriculture: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) cooperatives bring together local farmers and consumers. As a member of the cooperative, you pledge to cover farm operation costs for the season. In return, you share in the harvest. CSA farms are not all organic, but they all strive to operate sustainably.
  • Invest Responsibly: Many people want to consider more than just the rate of financial return when investing but don't have the necessary information. Socially responsible investing lets you know that the companies your funds support are not big-time polluters, producers of harmful products, or bad corporate citizens.
  • Investigate investment portfolios with a conscience: Socially responsible portfolios have more than tripled since 1995, with more than one in ten dollars invested in the U.S. estimated to be part of such portfolios (some resources to check out include Calvert Group, Pax World Fund and the Coop America Guide). Insist on entrusting your funds to companies that use your personal and social values as a measure when making decisions about where to invest your money.

  • Many of us feel strongly about energy use and the environment, but fail to get involved and make our views known to policy makers. Contact your elected representatives. Whether it's on the local, state, or national level, let the people who represent you in government know what you think and what you expect concerning issues that are important to you. Write, phone, and email your mayor, governor, and state and national legislative representatives to let them know you're watching and that you vote.