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The Trinity Turbine System

by Keith D. Foote

For some, wind turbines are controversial, with some critcizing the tall structures as noisy and ugly. In Minnesota, a turbine company named Janulus has taken the normally large, bulkiy energy generators and transformed them into a portable version small enough to carry in a back pack. Last year, Janulus was successful in getting the first version of Trinity crowdfunded. Janulus now has an entire series of turbines available in a variety of sizes. Their largest turbine is decribed as being able to power an electric car or a small home.

Generally speaking, energy efficiency on the go is associated with solar-powered gadgets. Lamps, phone chargers, and digital cameras are all easy to charge with solar cells and quite functional. A wind turbine. on the other hand, is not normally thought of as portable.

The turbine comes with blades able to fold into a cylinder shape, making for easy to transport. The package comes with a built in power inverter, controller, and battery. Janulus' larger turbines can installed outside a person's home and plugged straight into an electrical outlet as a simple, straight forward way to supply electricity without installing any additional wiring.

The new blade system is considered ingenious. It allows the turbine to be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the wind's speed. This new design harnesses 4 times as much energy as their previous version and makes the Trinity model useful in more situations. The small versions are remarkably lightweight and ideal for camping and recharging smart phones, etc.

The company was started by 2 brothers, Einar and Agust Agustsson. After moving to America from Iceland (Iceland is run completely on renewable energy), they were surprised by high electricity bills. They experimented, using a 3-D printer to make numerous prototypes, and then needed to find funding, which they did in the form of crowd funding. Early pledges for the Trinity 50 go for $400 and the Trinity 2500 goes for $5,600. Other √?¬©n-between√?¬†sizes and prices can be ordered.

Janulus has done something both simple and complicated. Making something smaller is a simple concept, redesigning it to supply the amounts of electricity generated by these turbines is not. The Agustsson brothers have taken the turbine, and shrunk it down to miniature proportions, resulting in the √?¬?rinity.√?¬†The Trinity is a very small, propeller-oriented generator giving you the freedom to make your own clean energy when and where you need it. Providing the wind is blowing.

If you're camping on a windy beach, or want to recharge your smartphone on a windy night, there's a Trinity turbine designed for your needs. The smallest Trinity, the Trinity 50, only weighs 650 grams and fits easily inside a backpack. It is 30 cm tall when collapsed, but will generate 50 watts, and the Lithium-ion battery (7,500 mAh) holds enough electricity to recharge your smartphone up to 4 or 5 times. It can also supply electricity to a notebook or tablet.

The Trinity is described as the first commercially available, personal-sized wind turbine, although research shows this is not completely true. There is a portable generator called the E , but it lacks the adjustable turbine blades, and uses only the horizontal mode. Janulus' first model successfully received crowd-funding last year through Kickstarter. The brothers began shipping out Trinitys this month (September), and now they are expanding their range with four new models.

More powerful models include the Trinity 400, which can provide power to small appliances, while the Trinity 1000 supplies electricity to vans and campers. The largest of their wind turbines is the Trinity 2500, which includes a very large 300,000 mAh battery. The Trinity 2500 can recharge a smartphone up to170 times. It standing 2 meters tall when standing erect, and is designed to run a small home or charge an electric car.

A ?potential? problem for the Trinity is insufficient wind and gusts while operating at ground level, but this has been overcome. Traditional wind turbines are located at much greater heights and Trinity users won?t be able to easily or safely be able to achieve these same heights. Trinity?s creators have solved this problem with the turbine?s shifting blade design.

All Trinity turbine systems come with a Lithium-ion built-in battery pack. It is quite easily replaced if a defect develops. Only high quality batteries made by a reliable manufacturer are used. Each battery comes with a two-year warranty. The very durable and powerful batteries recharge your smartphone up to 16 times with the Trinity 400. The batteries are durable and come with an inverter.

Trinity turbines come with 3 legs and 3 blades. All the external surfaces are made from a durable and sturdy plastic. The Trinity 1000 and the Trinity 2500 have a grid tie inverter, meaning the system can synchronize with the power supply used in your home, or RV, and can send electricity directly to all outlets in your home.

In an ideal world, a camping trip would include both a Trinity 50 and a portable solar cell pack. Then you could have electricity at any time, providing the sun was shining or the wind was blowing. Campfires still come in handy for some things, like light, heat, and cooking.