Solar Safety

Standard solar pre-cautions to keep you safe when working with solar power.

Solar safety is just as important as every other subject covered on this site, actually much more important. When working with solar photovoltaic energy systems, you will be working with equipment that can produce several hundred watts of power, so it is important the you are familiar with the general photovoltaic safety rules to minimize your risk of injury due to accidental electric shock or other physical harm.


Follow These Solar Power Safety Rules To Minimize Your Risk

The information about solar system safety listed here is critical information that you should know before attempting to install a photovoltaic energy system. However, the information and suggestions listed here are not meant to be interrupted as a complete solar safety resource, do not guarantee safety, do not guarantee accurate photovoltaic / pv system installation safety advice and do not constitute a warranty of any kind.

Follow the Photovoltaic Safety Rules Specific To Your Area

Always follow the rules for solar installation and solar safety set forth by your municipality when installing a pv system. If in doubt, consult your municipality or a certified professional. All electrical wiring should be performed according to the provisions of the National Electrical Code or similar applicable document in your specific area. Grounding work and wiring connections to the inverter should be performed by a qualified electrician.

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