Solar Roof Tiles

What are solar roof shingles and how do they work?

PV Solar Tiles

Solar tiles (also known as solar roof shingles, roof shingles, solar roof tiles and building integrated photovoltaic panels - BIPV) are an incredible breakthrough in solar technology that is changing the way people are thinking about solar power.

These solar shingles look just like regular roof shingles, but they are lined with a thin crystalline solar film (PV panel) that harnesses energy from the sun all day long.

Benefits of Solar Singles

With a great combination of durability and power, some of these solar shingles can produce up to 50 watts of electricity each without anyone even knowing they are there.

This may not sound like the most energy, but once you multiply it by the entire square footage of a roof (covered with solar roof shingles), it can definitely add up fast.

Additionally solar PV tiles have superior structural support and can typically withstand wind speeds of up to 80 mph and much more.

Since PV solar tiles are right up against your roof, wind can't get underneath them as easily as with traditionally mounted solar panels.

Installing Solar Roof Shingles

Solar tiles can be attached to your roof via interlocking units or they can be nailed or screwed on. Solar roof shingles are installed flush with your regular roof shingles and fit the exact dimensions of your roof.

One unique feature of solar shingles is that they don't need to be angled to directly face the sun. Pv solar tiles produce electricity just as long as there's some day light and thus can be used on both the front and back sides of your roof.

Esthetically speaking, solar shingles blend right into the style and architecture of your home and provide all of the benefits of solar power without standing out like traditional solar panels.

Less Maintenance, More Power and Undetectable

Sometimes solar roof shingles can look so natural it's virtually impossible to differentiate them from traditional roof tiles.

Solar shingles make solar installation much more straight forward and the maintenance simpler, since you no longer have to clear leaves and snow from under the panels like with bracket or rail mounting systems.

Although solar roof tiles are more expensive (partly because they are newer), they can really pay off in the long run when you make more power, save more money and raise the value of your home due to a more esthetically pleasing look.

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