Portable Solar Power

Learn more about portable solar energy systems.

Portable solar power is a great way to utilize the power of the sun, while on the move!

What are Portable Solar Energy Systems?

The simplest form of portable solar energy systems (also known as portable solar generators) can be built at home by connecting one or more homemade solar panels to an inverter you plug into for power. To be able to store energy, a charge controller and battery is used in between the panels and inverter.

You can learn more about building the solar panels you'll need for a portable solar system by clicking here to go to the Make Solar Panels section of our website.

If you want to learn how to put together a portable solar system including all of the photovoltaic components needed (in the right order), you can click here to go to the Solar System Types section of our website.

Although we show you how to put together your own portable solar power system on this website, you are still going to want to explore the wonderful world of retail solar mobility and portable solar generators.

Retail Portable Solar Generators

There are all kinds of portable solar generators, products and solutions for sale out there designed to make it easy for you to use solar power where ever you go to power laptops, cell phones, video cameras, small TVs & VCRs, work lights, for emergency power and for literally hundreds of other practical uses.

You can get Solar Power Packs (AC/DC) that look like little boom boxes and allow you to plug electronics directly into them.

A portable solar panel is used to charge the portable solar generator's battery bank, so you can always make and store more power even away from home. With many models you can also plug these things in the wall to recharge them.

Portable Solar Benefits

Portable solar energy systems can fill a number of important needs:

  • Being portable, they can be conveniently taken with you and used practically anywhere.
  • They are an easy way to start utilizing solar power without too many complicated parts and safety hazards.
  • Portable solar energy systems usually come with plug n play cables and connections making it easy for the average person to use them almost instantly.
  • Perfect as an emergency source of back up power, in black outs or power shortages.
  • Great for use in remote (off-grid) locations such as camping cabins.

The main advantage with these portable solar generator units is that they are really simple to use. Students can use them to research online while sitting in the park. Businesses can make presentations onsite. Teachers can use them in a variety of mobile educational applications.

There are no wires, so all you have to do is plug right into them which makes them perfect for even the most novice of users. In fact, with most of these systems it only takes a beginner about 20 minutes to figure it out from start to finish and start benefiting soon after.

Convenient AC and DC Solar Power On The Go

Some of these backup solar power packs can even provide you with both the type of electricity available from your home's power outlets (120 volts AC) and the type of power that is supplied by the battery of your car (12 volts DC).

This diversity means you'll be able to power regular electronic devices (AC) and the kind used in rvs, campers and trailers (DC).

Many of these mobile solar power systems also have built-in inverters which allow you to run appliances with a wattage draw of up to 300 continuous watts and more, with surge capability ratings of up to 500 watts.

Additional features can include low voltage alarm and low voltage shut-down which protects your devices and the battery from being over discharged.

Look For More Functionality In The Future

With the advancement of solar power technology, portable solar systems and similar portable solar devices are sure to get more sophisticated and practical in the future. Soon portable solar power will likely be commonplace in society with dads warming up their kids' lunches with solar power at a picnic and moms using the same solar power to attend a virtual business meeting online while in the wilderness.

Keep an eye out for new portable solar generators and other solar applications as you may be surprised how much convenience can be crammed into a small sized solar energy system in days to come.

The sooner you can grasp (and get used to using) this free form of renewable energy, the sooner you will begin to realise the benefits of real energy independence.

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