Alternatives to Ancient Forests for Paper and Construction Materials

Wood is part of everyday life. but current wood consumption is unsustainable and is placing tremendous pressure on the world's remaining ancient forests. Many products presently contain wood fibre originating from ancient and endangered forests. These include paper, packaging, tape, rayon for clothing, furniture, toilet paper and food products such as some breads and ice-creams.

The continuous manufacturing with these materials is becoming a really an issue, and there are ways we can help. For instance, there are recycling and disposal services that can help educate us on how to get rid of our trash by wasting less and recycling more. Many of today's products which contain old growth forest fibre, could utilize alternative fibres without negatively impacting quality or performance. Some of these alternatives include:

Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Agricultural Residue


Crops - Cotton, Hemp, Flax and Kenaf

Certified Wood Products

Chlorine Free Products

Suppliers Database

Please note that the Markets Initiative supports indigenous and long-settled forest dependent community forest operators who manage their ancient forest operations in an ecologically responsible manner, and who are independently certified according to stringent environmental criteria. We would therefore encourage you to expand your policy to include forest products derived from such sources.