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Can We Slow Population Growth?

If population growth slowed the global environment would suffer less stress. Following through with the solutions that maintain sustainable population growth may simultaneously alleviate many of the problems that the population explosion exacerbates. Many people seem to agree that the following elements would make for a more equitable and sustainable world:

It has been said that "stopping population growth is like stopping a speeding train: There is a long delay between putting on the brakes and coming to a full halt." That means that the sooner the brakes are applied, the fewer problems humans will cause. Unfortunately, no one strategy will solve the myriad of interconnected issues. Lowering birth rates is not the only answer. Relinquishing meat from our diets isn't either. But when it comes down to it, deciding how many children you will have does not require that you give up anything and it could have the biggest effect of all, especially in the future.