New Energy

Zero Point and Other Energy

The field of workers trying to change the way we extract and use energy is diverse. Ridiculed in the past, extracting energy from the vacuum flux of space may now be just around the corner. Quantum mechanics and Einstein-influenced physics are common ground for the researchers working on Zero Point Energy. Most scientists agree the energy exists, but can it be used for practical purposes?

We will show you the work and ideas of this new breed of researcher. Grounded in solid physics, Tom Bearden is building the new understanding required for a full assault on zero point energy. Paramahamsa Tewari thinks that we need to reconsider the energy conservation law, as he has generated electrical power in ways that would violate it. John Hutchinson mixes and bakes unique minerals to build "batteries" that run forever on zero point energy. Hal Puthoff lays foundations for engineers to follow. Wingate Lambertson works out of his labs in Florida to usher in the new age of fossil fuel independence. Bravely fighting the prejudice of the traditional scientific community, these men and more are working to realize their visions of a world free from slavery to oil fields and huge energy monopolies. You will find them and their ideas fascinating.

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