New Energy

Magnetics and Gravitics

The energy problems of the world may disappear if a new understanding of the forces finally unfolds from the research and engineering of some of the new energy pioneers. Magnetism and gravity alone may not be the source of energy, but may become vehicles for collecting Zero Point Energy (ZPE). Magnets and gravity have always been mysterious. New energy researchers and theoreticians think that they may open a door into bountiful energy for everyone with few environmental impacts.

Experts in space-bound propulsion at NASA have reached physical limitations in rocket technology which cannot be quickly hurdled by refinements in engineering. NASA is making a concerted effort to start investigating new ideas now rather than stagnate in present technology.

Dare to think about magnetic and gravitational fields in a different light. Imagine constructed motors that extract energy that is freely flowing throughout the cosmos. Envision a day when nations no longer worry about where their energy will come from or whether the air is fit to breathe. A new world of energy richness and a day of abundance for all. Imagine a time of greater personal and national security when there is no longer a need to go to war for oil.

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