New Energy

Early Pioneers

Investigation into abundant new forms of energy is not at all a modern phenomenon. For more than a century researchers have worked to unravel the mysteries of the universe and discover methods to tap into the energy surrounding us. Some of these scientists have had an amazing impact on our modern world. Without Nikola Tesla there would be no AC current in your home or office powering your computer or toaster. We have profiled some of the prominent energy researchers from the past and discuss some of the inventions they are claimed to have built.

From amazing engines to flying machines , the scientists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries worked on the edge of traditional science. Often with little support, they sustained their research through blood, sweat and tears. And, as is the case today, they had to brave the very real threats of rich industrialists and energy brokers whose livelihood was threatened by any possible breakthrough. Many of these early research projects are enjoying new respect and scrutiny today. Perhaps soon we will discover what mainstream science has overlooked.

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