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Small Power Systems has developed a non-electric solar refrigerator-freezer. The refrigerator uses an aqua-ammonia absorption system similar to that used in propane refrigerators. The refrigerator consists of two separate units; the solar collector-generator and the refrigerator box. 74550 Dobie Lane, Covelo, CA 95428, USA. By Phone: +1 800 972 7179; By Fax: +1 707 983 6525;

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun: Detailed information, with supplier guides, provided out of the USA. PO Box 125, Tolleson, AZ 85353 -or- 2725 E Lakin Dr, #2, Flagstaff AZ 86004. By toll free phone (USA only): 888 881 6464; (Phoenix, Arizona) 800 383 0195 (Flagstaff, Arizona) 602 877 2317 or 520 526 8017; By Fax +1 602 872 9215 or +1 520 527 0729;

PV Power Home Page: Contains detailed history of PV, extensive information on technology development, on suppliers, on news in the industry. PO Box 260145, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-0145, USA; By Phone: +1 303-683-4748. By Fax: + 1 303 470 8239. By Email: ; By WWW: . Also publishes the BIPV, Built Environment PV Newsletter, By Email: , .

Source Guides: "The Source for Renewable Energy is a comprehensive guide to over 2800 renewable energy related businesses and organizations around the world." Source Guides list businesses and organisations by types of renewable energy technology, by geographic region, by company and organisation name.


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