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The Internet has become a great place to find out what people are doing (or say they are doing!). There is quite a bit of information out there. For those who do not have the time, the interest, the experience or the will to "surf the Web" to find out more information, have a look at these sites (we do not endorse any of these sites or their products).


The Source for Renewable Energy:

U.S Department of Energy (Publications):

The World Bank:

International Development Research Centre (IDRC):

CADDET (IEA/OECD) Renewable Energy:

Home Power Journal:

World Health Organisation/WHO:

Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization:

United Nations Childrens Fund/UNICEF:


Lifewater Canada:

Solar & PV

International Solar Energy Society/ISES (includes "Sun World" & "Solar Energy" publications):

PV Power Resource Site:


European Wind Energy Association:

British Wind Energy Association/BWEA:

Manufacturers, Suppliers & Suppliers' Links

Dankoff Solar Pumps Inc.(not a Web site, send email to: )

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