Swiss clockmaker/inventor Paul Baumann's M-L Converter has been ranked by the Institute for New Energy as one of the most promising overunity devices produced so far. Baumann is one of those unusual self-taught individuals who has reportedly successfully developed a free-energy machine. According to Hal Fox, "these machines have been dubbed M-L Converters because they have been built for and are used by the Swiss Methernitha commune in Linden, Switzerland. Because of the controversy behind free energy machines, the Methernitha group has been, at times, reclusive about their energy machines." 

"The Swiss M-L Converter has been called the 'King of the Converters' and … it appears to have well earned this title."— Don Kelly

The Institute for New Energy (INE) gives the rotating magnetic generator its highest rating in interest, believing that it may be breaking new ground in physics and will possibly have great impact in the field. More importantly, INE's critical evaluation claims that "the device seems to be scaleable to a larger size." INE's commercial ranking is more modest but still claims "That something was again demonstrated and witnessed by others." The unit was first tested by physicist and Methernitha community-member Stefan Marinov in 1984, when the tabletop-sized machine apparently generated 150 watts to 1 kilowatt.

Before his untimely death in the summer of 1997, Marinov described two of the machines in his review of the M-L Converter. "One machine has a disk diameter of 20 centimeters and delivers about 200 watts of power. A different model boasts a disk diameter of two meters that continuously produces 30 kilowatts of electrical power." Another M-L converter utilized three-foot, counter-rotating disks and a specially designed energy storage system. The device, freely demonstrated to many scientists upon request, reportedly generates a steady power output of about 3 to 5 kilowatts (kW) indefinitely. The converters are set in motion by hand and continue to spin on their own thereafter — generating useable power that illuminates lightbulbs or powers small tools. These devices appear to operate continuously and produce about 220 volts and about 10 amps DC. Engineers comparing energy rates state that the apparent energy output has an over-unity factor of about twenty. Groups of investigating scientists from Europe and Japan have been allowed to examine the devices. All have verified the overunity claims without fully understanding how the machines actually work.

The M-L Converter is apparently based on past scientific research by the likes of Nicola Tesla, Captain Hans Coler and Lester Hendershot. The machine is hand started after which slanted conductive brushes produce self-rotation in electrostatic motors. The machines have been operated intermittently since 1982.

In a 1998 article published by the Space Energy Association – SEA/US, Don Kelly wrote, "The Swiss M-L Converter has been called the 'King of the Converters' and when all the various features of this excellent free energy system are carefully considered it appears to have well earned this title." Kelly also sees tremendous potential in the M-L Converter: "This converter is an outstanding example of a hybrid energy conversion arrangement which utilizes both dynamic and solid-state components to achieve an extremely high over unity output (o/u/o) rating. Since the dynamic electrostatic generator operates as both a generator and a motor, the EMF feedback provides self-propulsion, and thus reaches a phenomenally high o/u/o level. It is evident that this excellent o/u/o, free energy converter is essentially a hybrid system, with a Wimshurst electrostatic generator forming the dynamic portion which supplies the high voltage (electrostatic) to the solid state portion, which convert the approximate 70 KV produced by the Wimshurst E/S generator at about (.002 amperes) into 230 volts D.C., at about 13 amperes."

A videotape that summarizes the community and shows their innovative generator in action may be available on loan from the Space Energy Association. The video transcript, published by Methernitha in 1989, states "This wonder-machine is linked to nature, nothing else. Nature is the greatest source of power as well as knowledge which man has, and it conceals many secrets. These secrets are revealed to those who approach them with the highest respect and responsibility. In order to understand nature and perceive its voice, man is obliged to experience silence and solitude. It was there that the knowledge about this technology was obtained. To the educated physicist, the capabilities of this machine may seem impossible, maybe even crazy. Maybe he is also offended by the concepts used to explain the whole system. We could only partly use the concepts of conventional physical terminology in order to explain and define the functions and properties of the various parts of the machine. It has to be remembered that the established sciences have many times been forced to change or give up some very fundamental concepts. Think about Galileo Galilei, to name only one. The book of knowledge is not wrong, but it is incomplete, and therefore allows scientists to draw wrong conclusions."

Unfortunately, for those who are waiting for specifics regarding the apparent over-unity properties of the M-L Converter, it appears that there will be no information forthcoming anytime soon. The Methernitha community has refused to release details on their device because they believe mankind is not ready for the consequences brought on by free-energy technology. Consider this letter published by Methernitha in 1988: "To present mankind with a free-energy device would literally mean to pour oil into a world which is already set on fire in too many places and domains of human life. What mankind needs is peace, peace of mind to start with and a chance to return to nature and God. Man does not need more and further technological support in the struggle for pleasure, which would drown him in an ocean of noise, over-action and pollution in general. If you cannot accept this point of view, please discover a new "free"-energy device by yourself. The responsibility for its publication with all of its consequence will then be yours only. May peace be with you, Methernitha."

While the Methernitha community believes that mankind in not yet ready for "free"-energy technology, that time may be coming. The Methernitha state; "We are part of a new era which brings to light many new facts and new knowledge. The clothes of current science have become too tight and should be stripped off, just like the larva of an insect that sheds its skin. Only this will allow a true metamorphosis to take its course. Finally, with a worldly knowledge, a universal and unlimited spiritual science will give its blessings and benediction to a renovated humanity."

The Methernitha are not alone in their quest to revamp the classic staid approach to physics and other sciences. Most of the inventors and engineers profiled by the Alternative Energy Institute also hope that the world's business and scientific communities will soon wake up and begin encouraging full-scale research into promising alternative energy technologies for the benefit of all mankind.