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Cost of Solar Panels

How much do solar panels cost?

Solar panels come in all different shapes and sizes and therefore there are many widely varying solar panel prices. When buying solar panels it is important to get panels with a good balance of power and price. Sometimes the cheapest solar panels are not always the best ones for you. Thus the cost of solar panels is only one factor you must consider, there are many more.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Solar Panels

Solar panel pricing can be a little tricky. You must take into account factors such as durability, average lifespan, warranty, effectiveness, efficiency and power producing capability before you can really judge if a solar panel is priced too high or not. The cost of solar panels can sometimes appear to be very low, but if you look you may notice they don't produce much power (watts). Always judge the cost of solar panels based on the quality and power producing capacity of the solar panel not just the retail price.

Types of Solar Panels and Price Per Watt

There are three types of solar panels and these include single crystal (mono-crystalline), poly-crystal (multi-crystalline) and amorphous silicon.

Single crystal solar panels are currently the most efficient type available, meaning that they produce the most power per square foot of module. This makes them one of the most expensive at a price of about $4-$6 per watt average. The cost of solar panels like this is high, but since they produce more power, it could very well be worth it.

Poly crystal solar panels are slightly less efficient but cost a little less at a price of about $3-$5 per watt average. The cost of solar panels like this is typically lower, but you'll lose some efficiency.

Amorphous silicon solar panels (thin film solar panels) are less efficient, require more space, but are more flexible and can be mounted easily on roofing tiles or shingles. These are the least expensive solar panels available at a price of about $2-$4 per watt average. The cost of solar panels like this would be the lowest, but you'll lose even more efficiency and have to use more of them.

General Solar Panel Cost (In Retail Prices)

Solar panels for sale in stores and online are typically priced according to their watts. Below we provide a general guideline of what you would expect to pay for good quality multi-crystalline solar panels.

The more powerful you want your solar panels to be, the more you'll pay. If you build your own solar panels you can save a lot of money and bring your solar panel cost down ...and it's really not that hard. Click here to learn how to make your own solar panels, for free!

Please note that the cost of solar panels is constantly changing with the steady advancement of solar technology thus solar panel price is subject to fluctuation.

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